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GL Batteries is ISO9001:2000 accredited The United Kingdom Accreditation Service


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GL Batteries takes the headaches out of Asian battery sourcing.

  • Slow delivery
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Communication problems
  • Poor service level

Sound familiar? These headaches can be a fact of life for anybody attempting to source products from Asia. What sets GL Batteries far apart from the "maddening" crowd?


GL Batteries maintains a large stock of finished battery packs. Also, we keep over US$1m worth of rechargeable cells in-house- with a huge amount on order at all times- in addition to extensive stocks of all other battery components and sub-assemblies. All of this means when your order comes in, if we don’t have finished batteries in stock already, our highly efficient, high capacity production lines can swing into action immediately without having to wait around for parts. Most orders ship out within 1-5 working days of PO being received; the largest orders rarely exceed 2 weeks delivery time. In combination with high-speed international courier or air freight delivery, many GL Batteries customers comment that our in-house delivery time significantly betters that of domestic suppliers.


Please review our Product Quality section to see what keeps GL Batteries battery packs head and shoulders above the competition. Every battery model is designed to perfectly complement its related device, performing without fail for years of tough use. All manufacture is done in Taiwan at our ISO 9001:2000 approved assembly facility, where systems that ensure consistent delivery of the highest possible quality product are built-in across the organization, and determine every procedure from raw materials checking, through every stage of assembly and final inspection of the finished product.

Many companies claim to be full-line manufacturers, while in reality they purchase batteries from all over, only actually making from “some?to “none?of what they have on offer. With batteries coming from a large variety of sources, delivery and quality are very difficult to control. GL Batteries owns tooling for over 95% of the battery models on offer- we only outsource battery packs for older, low volume models where new tooling development is not economically sensible. Even in these cases, we source only from reliable, qualified suppliers using genuine cells.


The GL Batteries sales team are all either native English speakers, or speak English to native proficiency level! Whether communicating via telephone, email or face-to-face, you will never have trouble understanding or being understood in plain English.


We at GL Batteries believe that the quality of our service is just as important as the quality of our batteries. It is never possible to know a vendor’s true service level until the relationship has been established... the honeymoon is over?orders are shipping?and several things have gone wrong, as they inevitably will. The people best equipped to comment on our service are our customers! Please check out our testimonials section to see genuine, unsolicited comments about our company and products.

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